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Right to impose pre-termination LDs even though work was never accepted? Yes.

In relation to the right to impose liquidated damages (“LDs”) for a terminated contract, the UK Supreme Court endorsed the “orthodox analysis” in the case of Triple Point Technology, Inc v PTT Public Company Ltd [2021] UKSC 29. The relevant contractual provision stipulates the contractor’s liability for liquidated damages “from …

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Court of Appeal clarifies applicability of s.17(2A) of the SOP Act to liquidated damages (or does it)?

In Range Construction Pte Ltd v Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd [2021] SGCA 34, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Appellant’s appeal against the decision of the High Court and upheld the Judge’s finding, inter alia, that the Adjudicator had not acted in excess of jurisdiction by considering Goldbell’s claim for …

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